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Bianca Major

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How to know how much to feed your dog?

Every dog needs to be treated as an individual and I am a huge advocate for individually catering dog’s diets, to their age, metabolism and lifestyle. How much you feed your dog can mean your dog is constantly scavenging for food and hungry if fed too little or more commonly your dog is overweight; often due to being fed too many calories.
So how are you meant to know how much raw food to feed your dog?
Firstly, start by looking at a Body Condition Score Chart (BCS) below.

You want your dog to score in the middle this is a 4-5 on a 1-9 scale. This means you should be able to easily feel the ribs of your dog or cat and the waist (abdominal tuck) should be noticeable from above as well as the side.

Feeding guide:

For raw food diets 2-3% of an adult dog’s weight is recommended and 5-6% for puppies. However, this is just a rough guide and it is important to cater the amount you feed to your individual dog’s lifestyle and metabolism.

Ideal Weight Adult Puppy
5kg 150g 300g
6-10kg 200g 400g
11-15kg 300g 600g
16-20kg 400g 800g
21-25kg 500g 900g
26-30kg 600g 1200g
31-35kg 700g 1400g
36-40kg 800g 1600g
41-45kg 900g 1800g
46-50kg 1kg 2kgs

Ensure treats make up only 10% of the diet. Discuss your dog’s weight with your vet and proactively talk about the diet you are feeding. Many vets have not been trained in raw feeding; Raaw provides CPD educational training for professionals wanting to know more about health and raw feeding if you would like your vet to know more- please contact our team today.

Bianca Major
Written by Bianca Major

Bianca Boulton-Major BSc (hons), PGDip Nutrition & Canine Nutrition, MSFTR, CPN. Member of the American Association of Veterinary Nutrition, FNTP, RFVS, prov APBC, GODT & CHC Major Referrals- Nutritional Consultancy Service

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