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Written by:
Olivia Parker

Published on:

RaaW Calorie Overview By Pet Nutritionist Sara-Louise Rowley

It’s so important to understand your pet’s calorie intake, no matter what their breed or health condition.

I’m Sara-Louise Rowley, expert Nutritionist to RaaW and here’s my overview of their natural 100% pure goodness range of recipes for both cats and dogs:

Dog lamb 166.9 kcalME/100g

Dog salmon 122.2 kcalME/100g

Puppy chicken 120.8 kcalME/100g

Dog beef 182.8 kcalME/100g

Cat lamb and chicken 161.4 kcalME/100g

Cat beef and chicken 118.3 kcalME/100g

If you require any further information on the constituents of the RaaW recipe please reach out to one of the members of the team at

Written by Olivia Parker

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