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Written by:
Olivia Parker

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Tips For A Happy Healthy Dog By Olivia Parker

Whether you’ve got an active / working dog or not, in honour of Active Dog Month this April, we thought we’d share with you some of our top tips for keeping our furry friends fit and healthy, from diet to exercise, so sit back relax and go grab yourself a brew!

No matter what your dog’s breed, age or gender, they will appreciate some degree of exercise to keep fit and healthy. Likewise, a healthy diet is a great way to ensure your dog is getting all of the important nutrients it needs to both function and excel in all of the areas of their lives.

Our recipes are made with 100% natural goodness to help your dog thrive.

A dollop of routine

It’s important to keep some sort of routine for your dog, so whether that’s taking them for a daily walk at the same time every day, or night – try to keep consistency as your canine pal will start to look forward to that time of the day.


With a sprinkle of variety

Like humans, dogs enjoy variety, so change up your walking routes and rotate them for some familiarity. Some dogs will enjoy water, whilst other flat terrain, this can depend on the age and breed of your dog. For more information on this, there is a helpful article here


And lashings of good food

You are what you eat. This something we are told as humans often. Note that it works the same for your dogs.

Our recipes are all made with love in the UK and are made to the 80% meat, 20% fruit and veg formula. Made in our Pet Kitchen, all of the nutrients are frozen fresh to lock in the goodness, and keep out the nasties. Our range is for both dogs and puppies and our flavours include Lamb, Beef, Chicken and Salmon.

Have you met our new Working Dog?

The perfect fuel for your working dog, our unique chicken and turkey raw dog food recipes are a delicious, complete meal packed with a perfect balance of ingredients to maintain weight, aid recovery and maintain good health.



Written by Olivia Parker

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