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What can I feed my dog at Christmas?


Written by:
Bianca Major

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What Can I Feed my Dog at Christmas?

12 Foods of Christmas- The dog do’s and don’ts!

It’s that most wonderful time of the year, when we get to show our pets how much we care! As Christmas nears, you may wonder ‘What can I feed my dog?’. We’ve given advice below on ’12 foods of Christmas’, ones which your dog will love, and also those that you will need to avoid:

DO feed your dog:

  • Cranberries -a great source of vitamin C, E, K and Manganese rich in various bioactive plant compounds like proanthocyanins which may help prevent Urinary tract infections.
  • Turkey – a great low fat, low purine source of protein, High in tryptophan a precursor to serotonin a happy mood enhancing neuro transmitter.
  • Parsnips – A sweet delicious root vegetable treat, high in fibre to support digestive health. 
  • Brussels Sprouts – you either love them or hate them, but most dogs happily tuck into these green little bombs! Full of fibre, low calories but rich in vitamins and antioxidants this festive treat packs a punch!
  • Cabbage – A low calorie vegetable, packed full of antioxidants being a cruciferous vegetable which can help to decrease low grade inflammation.
  • Edible Roast Chestnuts – which are different to that of the Horse chestnut (conker) edible chestnuts can be fed in low amounts, regulating blood sugar level, low in fat high in B-vitamins and vitamin E supporting heart and skin health.

DON’T feed your dog:

  • Bread pudding – high in starches and sugars it is not a species appropriate diet and may upset your pet’s stomach.
  • Mince Pies – contain raisins which are toxic to dogs.
  • Stuffing – Most stuffings contain onions which are also toxic to dogs. 
  • Pigs in blankets – a cheeky Christmas favourite some sausages can contain onions, they can also be high in fat, so caution is needed especially if your dog is predisposed to pancreatitis.
  • Alcohol – The words ‘drunk’ and ‘dog’ do not mix!
  • Christmas pudding– a triple whammy here, containing wheat, raisins and alcohol. 

If you become concerned that your dog has ingested items off our ‘don’t’ list, then it is always advisable to seek immediate advice from your vet.

Bianca Major
Written by Bianca Major

Bianca Boulton-Major BSc (hons), PGDip Nutrition & Canine Nutrition, MSFTR, CPN. Member of the American Association of Veterinary Nutrition, FNTP, RFVS, prov APBC, GODT & CHC Major Referrals- Nutritional Consultancy Service

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