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Going RaaW is easy! With gradual introduction over 7-10 days, your dog or cat can begin to enjoy the benefits of a RaaW diet.

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    Every day for 7-10 days, aim to swap around 10-15% of the current diet, to RaaW pet food. This really is the only time that RaaW and dry food should be mixed, as the two types of food have different digestion rates.

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    Unless your pet has a protein sensitivity, there does not need to be a transition period when switching between flavours.

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    Our Food Calculator is useful for understanding how much RaaW pet food to feed your pet. Simply select your pet’s weight to be given your calculation. .

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Every animal is unique and if you notice that your pet begins to have slightly looser stools, simply slow the transition and once stools begin to firm again, continue the switching process.

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