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Feeding RaaW

Why Switch To RaaW

Many owners switch to Raw dog or cat food because their pet is poorly. Raw feeding can help to ease dysbiosis (leaky gut) and restore normal gut function.

How to Transition

It’s our policy and passion to keep up with the science and practice of Raw feeding, helping us to provide optimal pet nutrition through our products, and produce RaaW cat food and RaaW dog food of the highest standard.

Dog feeding guide

RaaW Dog Food Feeding Guide

Cat feeding guide

RaaW Cat Food Feeding Guide

RaaW Food Ingredients

Want to know what’s in our RaaW dog food and RaaW cat food? We’ve packed our pet products full of natural nutrition, for a healthy, balanced diet full of brilliant benefits.

RaaW Questions Answered

We know you’ll have lots of questions about our RaaW cat and dog food - and we’ve tried to answer all of them! Take a look and let us know if we’ve missed anything.

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