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Welcome to Raaw

Our mission is to create the highest quality, all-natural, raw pet food, that helps your pets to be as healthy and happy as can be!

Each recipe is vet approved and ‘complete’ so there’s no need to add anything extra - it’s the perfect blend of meat, fruit, veg and health-boosting supplements that your cats and dogs need to live their healthiest and happiest lives, right by your side.

Our food comes in pouches from 100g-500g with easy-peel tabs, so you simply defrost the amount you need overnight and serve raw. Easy as can be, and oh-so delicious!

Welcome to Raaw Furry Friends

All Natural

RaaW contains all-natural ingredients, no nasties. Freshly frozen, packed with the best nutrients, feeding your cat or dog a RaaW diet can help to:

Supports active/healthy lifestyle

Supports optimal immune function

Improved teeth & breath

Less flatulence & firmer stools

Healthier and shinier skin & coat

Supports joint mobility

Helps maintain ideal weight

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Our Mission

RaaW's mission is that your pet will not only love the taste of our food, they will be happier and healthier too.

Our Raaw Journey

We're a forward-thinking family run business with traditional values. There are five generations of farmers before us who helped forge the way for sustainable farming. Most recently though, we've been busy creating fully traceable, raw pet food from human grade, quality meats which would otherwise be wasted.

Our Journey

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